For The Culture
TreManda was born to Trevor and Dornise Pewett on February 14 1994 in Chicago Illinois USA
We are all of the culture. Our contribution to the culture is up to each and every one of us regardless of our gender, race, sexuality or age. One Earth in our universe ♻️🚀
The mastermind behind Manda Pandie
Manda Pandie Brand is dedicated to inclusion. The idea of “ONE LOVE” is the main message.
About TreManda
TreManda Moved around a lot Growing up! Aurora IL. Parker CO. Denver CO. Orlando FL. Peach Tree City, GA. TreManda started making art with her grandmother at the age of 3 in 1997. Graduated Kenwood academy in 2012 TreManda was accepted into many colleges but chose to attend her dream school Spelman College Manda pandie started making art outside of her sketchbook when she needed money for tuition in 2012! Manda Pandie started an Instagram page to promote her art in 2013. Manda Pandies big breakout as an artist was at the very first Amber Rose Slut walk in 2015 in Los Angeles CA TreManda graduated from cosmetology school at Pivot Point Academy in 2015 TreManda lost her great grandmother 2016 2016 Manda Pandie moved to LA and was an intern for Cathrine J Hood & Dash Radio (the session radio show) 2017 Manda Pandie published “The Coloring Books” Manda Pandie started a Tiktok when it was musically in 2017 (Through out these years Manda Pandie hosted Paint in sips through out LA & Chicago & participated in many art shows like pancake and booze ) Manda Pandie has made art for a lot of fantastic people! Most notable : Ashanti, Randy Moss, Shaunie O’Neal , DJ Duffey, Nipsey Hussle, & Pierre Jeantys poetry books )
2019 signed as an influencer for clicks talent 2019 started getting paid to post art on the app Likee 2019 TreManda was reinstated at Spelman College after taking a Leave of absence for seven years Manda Pandie Re-published “The Coloring Books” 2019 TreManda got flewed out to the Make black History Tiktok event in feb 2020. TreManda will publish her first children’s books this year!